Why Wall Printing

Wallpapers and Canvas Paintings are out-of-style and pose several constraints in terms of customisation and creativity. Wallpapers feature repetitive designs and have a limited colour palette while paintings are smaller in size, higher in frame cost and difficult to transport. Wall printing, on the other hand, is easy to match with your existing interior style and offers endless opportunities to personalise your decor. The superior finish of wall printing does not fade, peel or crack overtime and remains bright and lustrous for long.

What Kind of Surfaces Are Suitable For Printing

We can print on many desired surface be it plastered, rendered, steel, concrete, gyprock, glass, metal, blinds, wood, ceramic, Latex, Blinds, Brick etc.

Image input quality

Excellent quality print would depend on the size of the print and the surface that needs to be printed. We have successfully printed high-resolution images even from smartphones while ensuring images retain their quality. Our Print Head resolution is 185 DPI using single pass and we can increase number of passes to 4 thereby increasing resolution to 555 DPI.

Image Selection

We can print your requested image or you can select one from our gallery. We also print images that have been sourced from websites such as Shutterstock, Istock, Gettyimage or similiar.

Trial Image Print

Try it On Section in our website allows you to preview various images under pre-defined environment (Office, Boardroom, Bedrooms, Airport, Shopping Mall etc). Unde a Blank theme, It also enables you to upload your existing office or home environment as a layer to see how your chosen image looks in your own print environment enabling better decision-making. For sensitive high profiled environment/customers, we can also do a portion of trial print at our workshop for a fraction of the cost for a peace of mind and a glimpse of the superior finish you get.

Kind of Ink used for Print

We use high-grade UV ink sourced from europe with required safety and health certificates.

Width and Height of the Image

We require a minimum floor to roof clearance of 2.4 m for our portable machine at the printing point of your premises. We generally print upto 2.8m high, However for commercial structures with higher ceiling, we are able to print images upto 3.8m. We can print unrestricted width.

Print Quality and Price

Samso Wall printing guarantees to deliver an excellent print quality at a very competitive price. Our charges are inclusive of supply and installation along with your pre-defined image. We offer a free consultation to help you choose an image to the required specification depending on your desired size.

Installation Process and timeframe

We do offsite preparation before arriving at your premises with the required machineries and supplies in a vehicle and undertake an initial fifteen minute setup before the printing can start. Printing usually takes as low as 1 hour and could be up to 4 hours (>10 sqm) depending on the size of the Print.

General Requirement to undertake print

Traditionally printing is undertaken on a lighter wall colour with darker images, but we can print on other background colours as well. Undertaking jobs on a newwall is preferred, however, we also print on older walls as long as they are free of paint, wallpaper peels, dampness, scuffs, and holes.If required please undertake repairs or contact us for any assistance.

Changing or removal of Print

Over the years, if you would like to change the printed image with a new design, we can undertake the same or it can also be removed by ordinary painting process without any hassles.

Our 6 Step Printing Process

Step 1A using our website Try it On

Use our TIO (Try it On) tab to get an understanding of how your image looks with respect to a standard environment or upload your environment as well as the image to analyse your design. Please be sure to un skew your wall before uploading with Apps such as Cam scanner.

Step 1B (without using DIY)

You can skip Step 1 A DIY and simply send us the image you would like us to print using book online tab.

Step 2

We review your image and print environment prior to re-confirming your requirements and accordingly check available booking. The pricing and booking references are discussed at length before the initial payment is made. You also get an illustrative preview of print in a standard background or with your wall background depending on Step 1A or Step 1B. An online account is created for every client to facilitate easy access to uploaded images, invoices and any existing customer preferences. The same account can also be used for future references.

Step 3

To confirm the booking, customers are required to make an advance payment of 50% through our website within 2 business days of booking or before starting the job, whichever is earlier.

Step 4

We will come to your premises to complete the work as per the booking. Please ensure that sufficient access is available and refer to our FAQ section for our general requirements.

Step 5

The final payment is to be made only on the day of the printing if payment be made through EFTPOS or you can also use our website 2 business days in advance for payment clearance.

Step 6

Please use the booking reference to refer your family members, friends, and colleagues. We encourage recommendations and remunerate clients depending on the size of the job. Any work that is undertaken based on your referrals is highly appreciated.